Barrel Tile Roofing


Barrel tile offers timeless traditional looks and thanks to local florida demand and availability via premium local producers, Barrel tile roofing is more affordable than it is in many parts of the country, and a staple in Florida architecture. Our roofing crews throught Florida are well versed and experienced in installing all types of barrel tile roofing.

Concrete And Terracotta Barrel Tile Roofing

Concrete is the most popular and commonly used Barrel tile roofing product on many Florida homes. Their popularity is growing all the time thanks to their aesthetic appeal, local production availability, cost, and durability.

Terracotta Clay Barrel Roofing Tile

Unlike many other roofing materials, the color of terracotta roofing tiles is able to hold up strikingly well over time, retaining their reddish-clay hue no matter the type of weather that strikes. Clay tile roofing products produce some of the most beautiful tile roofs in the world. It is the most popular of the tile roofs used worldwide and rarely needs a routine maintenance regimen. Terracotta is highly frost-resistant, which is particularly useful during the winter months, though the level of this resistance can vary based on the tile quality. It does not require much work to properly maintain these tiles. Terracotta tiles are highly fire-resistant. Installing terracotta roofing tile is one that requires a great deal of experience, forethought and planning, and this is something A2 roofing of florida delivers well. It should also be understood that the quality of these tiles can vary drastically, which will always have an effect on prices, and that it is possible to get good quality tiles for less. These roof tiles are generally regarded as being brittle and foot traffic should be held to a minimum if at all. The life of clay or concrete roofing tile rests with the installation. The experience of the installers, quality of the underlayment used, attention to flashing details, and the attachment method used for the tile. Being ideal for coastal homes that experience alot of wind driven moistture and salt, other benefits include good temerature and sound insulation.

Metal Barrel Tile Roofing

We are certified instsllers of stone coated stamped galvalume steel barrel tiles... bwhich boast energy eficiency, extreme strength and a 50 year transferable lifetime warranty which improves the value of your property. Our metal barrel tile will never crack, break, leak, blow off! If you want upscale looks without the downsides of traditional clay or concrete tile’s excessive weight and related woes, look to our barrel profile metal roofing. These roofing tiles blend exquisite beauty with energy savings and lowered repair and replacement costs. Best of all, they’ll keep their stunning looks through time, while delivering metal roofing’s legendary ruggedness, flexibility and longevity only found in stone coated steel roofing tiles.



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