Tampa Standing Seam home has a painted finsish which
Natural uncoated Silver standing seam reflects most heat

Standing Seam

"Florida & Seaside Style" in nature, we offer a full range of Standing Seam Metal roofing material. Coated, Uncoated Standing seam is practical to install and comes in every color and  finish imaginable, and it is a very practical florida roofing material. 
It is usually the best investment you can make in a homes value, literally putting money back in your pocket immediately when compared to asphalt composition shingles, in most circumstances. Add to that the wind mitigation security from hurricanes savings and peace of mind. 

A2's staff experienced and expertise including design challenges preform structural repairs and modifications in roof deck or subframe, we build to code and meet all clients expectations with high pre-inspection inspections and fast no messing around quality roofing work.